A Joining of People, Skills, and Knowledge

Partners ATC WorldIn order to offer services that meet industry standards in diverse international markets, ATC has teamed up with several trusted partners. 

We are proud to work with well established educational agencies, partner schools, and partner organizations around the globe. 

Working closely with our international partners and their members ensures we offer them the best possible service: the success of our partners is also our success.

The advantages of Partnership

  • Special discounts given to students of our partner schools and organizations. Partners 20170318

  • ATC-branded programs offered to well established accredited language schools, colleges, and universities. 

  • The joining of resources to offer joint training programs and a wider range of educational options to students.
If you think your school or organization can benefit from a partnership with ATC, feel free to contact us.


ATC's Partner Schools

Gaba Logo 20170324

Gaba is Japan’s leading provider of 1-to-1 English Language lessons. Whether it’s a career change, a career break, or your first position, Gaba provides professional support and a flexible schedule system so you can enjoy teaching in Japan on your own terms. Gaba Instructors specialize in supporting adult learners of English to achieve their learning goals in a 1-to-1 lesson format. ATC works closely with Gaba's Instructor Recruitment Section and is a TESOL training provider for Gaba's prospective teachers. You can learn about Gaba's teaching methodology, studio environment, scheduling system, and earning potential at: You can view ATC's information in Gaba's website at: 

 Logo Horizon TESOL 20170319

Horizon TESOL, a member of Horizon Education, is the official representative of the Ho Chi Minh City Association for Research and Teaching (TESOL-HCMC), the first and largest professional association in the field of English language teaching recognized in Vietnam. ATC and Horizon TESOL work closely to offer a Dual TESOL Diploma program, accredited by TESOL-HCMC, to Vietnamese teacher trainees. Graduates from this program can verify their ATC credentials through ATC's Credential Verification portal. You can learn more about the Horizon-ATC TESOL Dual Diploma program at:

ATC's Partner Organizations

Logo InKAS 20170324

InKAS is a non-profit Korean post adoption organization established in 1999. InKAS provides ongoing services and assistance for Korean adoptees and their adoptive families throughout post adoption and supports overseas Korean adoptees discover their heritage and recollect a sense of unity as ethnic Koreans. ATC works closely with InKAS by providing InKAS members with teacher training programs. For more information, you can visit InKAS at:

Gymglish Logo 2017

Gymglish, founded in Paris in 2004, is an independent and self-financed company offering a new approach to remote self-learning. Their aim is to achieve high participation rates thanks to fun, personalized and concise content. Their courses provide initial and continuous level assessment based on an artificial intelligence system, and their certificates of completions and diplomas are recognized in Europe since 2015. ATC works closely with Gymgish to offer students special access to their online English lessons. For more information about Gymglish lessons, visit our web page.

Rich Morning Logo 2017

Rich Morning Show, owned by Gymglish, is an English training program offering Cartoon English lessons for kids and adults: it includes a daily personalized lesson featuring a video, followed by questions, corrections, mini-lessons, and revision exercises. ATC works closely with Rich Morning Show to offer students special access to their online English lessons for beginners.  For more information about Rich Morning lessons, visit our web page.

Frantastique logo 2017

Frantastique, owned by Gymglish, is a French training program consisting of a fun daily email featurning a story with a selection of audio or video, text exercises, and personalized correction and feedback.  ATC works closely with Frantastique to offer students special access to their online French lessons.  For more information about Frantastique lessons, visit our web page.